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Occupancy resorts Hot Key in the offseason increases

This was reported Head of the Department on the resort and tourism at a meeting in the city administration.

Aleksander Emelianenko added that the resort has prepared health resorts and at the beginning of high season - 4 developed new methods of improvement. The head of the city Nikolai Schwarzman noted that, despite all the current trends in the tourism industry, it is impossible to deviate from the chosen course of development: it is very important to maintain the therapeutic component, because in the Hot Key tens of thousands of people come just to improve health.

The meeting also discussed the results of Vsekubanskogo bimonthly sanitary cleaning and landscaping. The municipality was able to work hard. Active participation in the conference was the territorial associations, enterprises Hot Key, the activists of the youth movement. The head of the city drew attention to the fact that the holiday of the Great Victory must complete all planned work, if for any reason they are not able to hold earlier: "Our duty is now to take good care of the Homeland, for the freedom which our fathers and grandfathers gave their lives" .